Demon Goatbeast

The Demon Goatbeast.

HEIGHT: 240 ft.

WEIGHT: 4,150 short tons

The Demon Goatbeast was the most-powerful robeast fought by Voltron since Princess Allura began to pilot the Blue Lion, at least up to the point of the Demon's appearance. It appeared in the eleventh episode of Voltron: Defender of the Universe, titled simply "Surrender".    

The coming of the Demon Goatbeast was signified by a torrential, flammable, blood-red rain accompanied by thunderbolts. It seemed to suffer no damage from any of Voltron's attacks (even that of the Blazing Sword) until he wielded the Electro-Force Cross against it.    

It may be argued that, without the Cross, Voltron would not be able to defeat such a foe.    


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