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Episode 70

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Day Forty-Seven
Air date December 14th, 2018
Episode Transcript


Kinkade, one of the MFE fighter pilots, documents day forty seven aboard the Atlas to show what it is like. Rizavi, seeing what he is doing, joins in to make a more exciting movie. They interview various members of the crew such as the Paladins, Kolivan, Coran and Colleen Holt while the camera gets lost during a battle and found by Bae Bae, the Holt family dog, and the Space Mice. During this time, the Atlas has captured a sixth Altean pilot of the Robeasts, but all refuse to speak to Allura and Romelle. Later, Kinkade documents Hunk's attempts at making an Altean cake in order to get the Alteans to open up. It is successful and they agree to speak with Allura and Coran.

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  • A scene with Ryan Kinkade says farewell to Seok Jin where he was transporting samples back to Earth pays homage to Seok Jin Jang, a story board artist of the show who passed in 2017.
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