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Episode 9

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Dark Blue
Air date July 28, 2011 (USA)
Written by Todd Garfield
Directed by John Delaney
Story by Todd Garfield and Jeremy Corray
Supervising director Steven E. Gordon
Episode Transcript

A Drule freighter full of Haggarium crashes into the bottomless ocean of planet Poseidus... with Vince inside!

Plot Summary

After doubting himself for a while, Vince tries to demonstrate that he's a worthy cadet while on a mission o stop a Haggarium transport, but instead he gets stuck on a sinking vessel.

As the Haggarium-filled vessel continues to sink into the bottomless ocean. Allura is able to debut a new reconfiguration ability while underwater in the new formation of the "Titanic Trident" blue-center form for Voltron.

Featured Characters


  • Daniel has no lines in this episode, and only appears for a few seconds at the beginning.
  • Larmina only appears in flashback.
  • This is the first time we see more than one space mouse. It's unknown whether either mouse is the mouse that accompanied Keith in New School Defenders.
  • First appearance of Cossack.


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