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Curtis is a member of the IGF-Atlas crew and later Shiro's husband, marrying him during the "one year later" montage at the end of Season 8.


Curtis is a dark-skinned human male. He has a coltish physique, prominent ears, and an oblong jaw. He has limp, dark brown hair and vivid blue eyes. He is also rather tall, at least a little taller than Shiro.

Curtis wears four outfits over the course of Season 7 and 8. In his first appearance, Curtis is wearing the standard pre-invasion Galaxy Garrison uniform. It's a grey coat with a mandarin collar, pockets, and black shoulder boards. The coat has black piping and cinches at the waist with a broad black belt. Curtis' coat has three gold stripes, plus a dark band across the top and a red crescent shape to represent the Garrison, indicating that he's a commanding officer.

Curtis' second outfit is the ATLAS crew commanding officer uniform. It's a white coat with orange sleeves and a mandarin collar. It has grey cuffs, black piping, and three gold stripes, plus a gold crescent shape to represent the ATLAS, indicating that he's a commanding officer.

Curtis is seen in cream and orange workout gear during "The Grudge".

In Curtis' final appearance, he's dressed for his wedding in a white tuxedo with shawl lapels, a black vest, matching pocket silk, and bow tie.


Curtis is first seen in season 7 as an officer at the Galaxy Garrison, occasionally taking orders from higher-ranked officers during the battle. He is also seen involved with the meetings that the paladins and other ranking officers have during this time. Later on in the season when the crew board the Atlas, Curtis is seen as one of the main members on the bridge, being seated to the left of Shiro.

In season 8, Curtis continues his position on the bridge. He is seen taking orders from Shiro, and also was the one to figure out that the paladins were in trouble during the episode "The Grudge".

Curtis can also be seen stretching with Veronica, Iverson, and Acxa. He asks Acxa about her life as an attempt to involve her in the conversation. He is then shown to be uncomfortable when Acxa makes the conversation grim by responding with the details of Narti's death.

Curtis is also among the crowd cheering on Shiro during his arm-wrestling matches. He is the only one shown from the Atlas crew to do so, as none of the other Garrison or MFE members can be seen and the paladins are elsewhere.

Little is known about the personal relationship between Shiro and Curtis, aside from the two of them getting along quite well, but somewhere along the way the two presumably started dating, and got married a few years later after the war ended.


Though it is tough to figure out Curtis' personality from his small role, we get glimpses through his various scenes. At work, he seems to be polite, quick thinking, smart, and someone who can take orders well. He is seen regularly referring to Shiro as "sir" or "captain", meaning he has a level of respect for him.

He also has a rather gentle side, as shown evident during the conversation he has with Acxa where he tried to include her into the conversation he, Veronica, and Commander Iverson were having about pets in "the Grudge." This side is further emphasized in "Clear Day," where he is seen cheering Shiro on as Shiro fights in the arm-wrestling competition and in how he comforts Lieutenant Ryan Kinkade when he is defeated by Lieutenant James Griffin in the carnival game. At some point in season 7, he also welcomes Veronica with a hug, implying they're close friends.


  • Contrary to popular belief, Curtis has actually been a background character since season 7 and has been seen multiple times across the last two seasons. Some believed after watching the series finale that Curtis was a character that had never been seen before, and this is not the case.
  • Curtis's name only appeared in subtitles.