Commander M. Iverson is the gruff, non-nonsense head of the Galaxy Garrison training facility where all of the Paladins trained prior to the discovery of the Blue Lion. He was the one who banned Katie Holt from Garrison property after catching her in his office hacking records for information on the lost Kerberos mission. He was one of the Garrison officers who investigated Shiro's crash site and attempted to quarantine him before Keith knocked them all unconscious.

He aided in defending earth from Sendak during his invasion, as the Weapons specialist on-board the IGF-Atlas. And during Sendak's initial invasion, had supported Shiro and Sam Holt against Sanda.


  • The commander is presumably named after show writer Mitch Iverson, as evidenced in one scene where "Iverson, M". is listed on a Garrison wall as Faculty.
  • He had a dog named Sally, whose drool he slipped on at one point.
  • During Emerald City Comic Con, Joaquim Dos Santos joked that Keith got expelled from the Garrison for punching Iverson in the face after the Kerberos mission and Shiro's disappearance, causing him to have an eye injury.
    • However, this is proven false in-show as Commander Iverson is shown to have had the bad eye since before Keith was expelled from the Garrison.
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