Cossack was the final of Doom's commanders.

Cossack, better known by his personal nickname, "Cossack the Terrible" was the replacement for Mogor after his predecessors unfortunate "accident" at the tip of Lotor's laser sword.


Cossack is a fairly tall Drule from Planet Doom, he is around the same height as Lotor, but shorter then King Zarkon. His ears are pointed, his face lacks eyebrows, and his eyes are yellow, and devoid of pupils, all features typical of many Drules particularly from Doom. Cossack has long, and unkempt hair of a brownish grey color. He is nearly always seen wearing a horned Doom helmet, and yellow cape.

Cossack preferred using a whip both in battle, and when tormenting slaves. While boisterous, when his foe had the advantage Cossack tended to split.

Cossack was something of a slacker, and a joker, but could be just as cruel as his predecessors.

Cossack tended to get along well with Haggar the witch, once joking he'd kiss her if they won, then taking the statement back. Like Mogor, Cossack tended to work directly for Lotor on several occasions, but he sometimes feared his overseers wrath.


  • Like Merla, Cossack was exclusive to the US third season, and has no Golion counterpart.
  • Cossack is only seen without his helmet in the final episode of the US season, and in a deleted scene from Fleet of Doom.
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