Colleen Holt is a character featured in Voltron: Legendary Defender and the mother of Matt and Katie Holt. Currently, not much is known about her other than being the only member of the Holt family to remain on Earth until her husband Sam Holt returned in season 7.


Much like her daughter Pidge, Colleen is a stubborn, intellectual and passionate woman who is unafraid of consequence. When her husband Sam returned to earth she was relieved that her husband was not dead after hearing he was, Colleen can also be single minded like her son and daughter, as when after Sam came back she demanded admiral Sanda to let her talk to her children and when see was told to leave the garrison for not having clearance stay she demanded Sanda to get her clearance to stay.

As described by her husband, Colleen is a strong individual, this strength was proven when she and Her husband decided to announce the earth of the Galra's imminent attack on the planet against admiral Sanda's decision to keep a secret, Colleen desire to see her children was enough for her to go behind the garrison back despite the consequences of doing so, as she said "I'll do anything to see my children again." showing how brave and willing she is to she her family together again.


it is implied she is skilled in computer and surveillance systems, as her husband mentioned that the two of them met by arguing over how to modulate a computer system. this was later proven when she and her husband hacked into the garrison's computers to tell the entire earth of the Galra's attack on the planet.

her skills with computer was further emphasized when she, Pidge and Allura looked through Sendak's memories for information.


  • Mrs. Holt's first name was revealed in the character guide released on the official Voltron website.[1]
  • Colleen didn't have a speaking part until the seventh season episode "The Last Stand, Part 1".
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