Cliff is a member of the Vehicle Voltron team. He is also the leader of the Land-sub Team. He has a strong Australian accent, and sometimes tends to have a wry sense of humor. He is friends with Lance of the Lion Voltron. He operates the Jet Radar Station (#11) that forms the lower torso/hips of that Voltron.

His character is based on the character Walter Jack from Armored Fleet Dairugger XV.
Cliff's ship

Cliff's vehicle.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe cartoon continuity

Vehicle Force sub-series

While Cliff was at the Galaxy Garrison academy, Lance and Wolo once played a prank on him by yanking him into a pool.

Devil's Due Publishing comics continuity

Cliff was one of several people chosen to pilot the machine named "V-15" by Galaxy Garrison, he and his team were first deployed after the original Voltron to recapture it until he received new orders to support Voltron.


  • Cliff comes from a family of ranchers.
  • Cliff has a little brother named Jimmy.
  • According the Fleet of Doom film, Cliff first met both Wolo and Lance at the Galaxy Garrison Academy.
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