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Episode 71

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Clear Day (Title)
Clear Day
Air date December 14th, 2018
Episode Transcript


Tavo, one of the Alteans, speaks with Allura, but when Honerva interferes, Allura is able to extract a small, dark creature from him, which is what allows Honerva to spy through and control them. The creature is contained for the moment while the Atlas investigate increased activity on a planet. This planet turns out to be the same one from the Voltron Show tour that Coran had gotten the date wrong, as the citizens can only come out on one day per year when the weather is clear. Despite still being angry over their failure to show up, the leader invites them to attend as free security. Everyone heads down to enjoy carnival festivities while Allura stays behind to rest. Keith and Hunk get stuck on a ride, Coran wins a Yalmor imitation contest, Lance and Pidge both try to win prizes for Allura while Shiro wins an arm wrestling contest and defeats the reigning champion: a reformed Beta Traz Warden. As she is resting, Allura is tormented by haunting visions of Lotor, Lance and her own mother, all convincing her to use the dark creature to stop Honerva. She gives in and allows the creature to fuse with her body, and passes out

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  • On the shelf of the prize booth Metal Gear REX from the Metal Gear series can be seen.
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