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Episode 13

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Clash of the Lions
Air date August 25, 2011 (USA)
Written by Brandon Sawyer
Directed by John Delaney
Story by Todd Garfield and Jeremy Corray
Supervising director Steven E. Gordon
Episode Transcript

Wade takes control of Voltron!

Plot Summary

After trying to assasinate Allura, Voltron Force travels to Earth to finish the fight with Wade once and for all. However, Allura refuses to be a part of the team's assault for revenge instead of having Voltron continue to be the Defender of the Universe.

Meanwhile, Coran shares his history with Wade when they were cadets at the Galaxy Alliance Academy and how they were selected to pilot the lions. Wade's downward spiral began when he was rejected by the lions because they sensed he wasn't worthy of piloting them. So he set out to prove himself better than Voltron by building his own war machine.

Wade's plan comes into effect when he blasts Voltron with a charge of Corite metal dug from the heart of planet Ariel and this forces Voltorn into rejecting the Voltron Force transferring Wade in his place, forming Wade's face as Voltron's head. In order to stop him, Daniel and Vince head back to "The Den" at their old flight academy to get the message out while the rest of the team battle Wade's robotic lions. Vince discovers that Wade tamed the lions with the Corite charge which built its own nervous system that access the nexus and change how Voltron works.

Voltron Force and the cadets then combine Voltcom powers to stop Wade and backup arrives when Manset, the smuggler sends an airship filled with Chief Kalon and his Lion Riders to join the battle. Wade is finally taken to jail. Voltron is reunited once again and Allura realizes the Defender of the Universe is ever evolving and is not the same Voltron she grew up with. Meanwhile, Pidge finds out that the Corite charge, when piercing Voltron, pierced Black Lion's piece of the 'nexus', releasing all kinds of seemingly untranslatable ancient data.

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During the Voltron forming sequence, the iconic 80's Voltron formation is heard in the background.


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