Christine Bian is the main design supervisor for Voltron: Legendary Defender. She has done previous work as staff on The Legend of Korra.

Series Role

  • Design Supervisor

While not a fan of the original Voltron show, Bian is a fan of the giant robot genre and appreciated the art style of Defender of the Universe.[1] Bian's job entails overseeing the visual style of the entire show an ensuring it is consistent in the work of other staff members. She is heavily responsible for the design of the Voltron Lions and Voltron itself, working alongside Joaquim Dos Santos, Lauren Montgomery, and Kihyun Ryu for the look and feel of the iconic robots.[1][2]

Bian claims re-imagining the iconic Voltron figure was the most difficult challenge for the staff because it had to be rendered in 2D, 3D, and eventually a toy line. Series staff looked at Gundam and other mecha anime for inspiration in designing the new Voltron robot to make sense logically and visually.[1] At one point during production, Bian unintentionally designed the Black Lion to look like a zebra.[2]



  • Bian makes a cameo as an Arusian along with Steve Ahn, Eugene Lee, and Christie Tseng.[3]
  • Bian watched Defender of the Universe and parts of GoLion as "homework" for producing Legendary Defender, but did not watch Vehicle Force.[1]
  • Bian is from Seattle, Washington, and attended Concept Design Academy. She was able to gain a job on The Legend of Korra through her professor at the academy who knew one of the producers of the show.[1]
  • As a Seattle native, Bian created the poster given to attendees of Emerald City Comic Con 2018.[4][5]
  • Bian's hobby is drawing sketches of animals; she is fascinated by muscles and skeletons. This anatomical knowledge helped her design Voltron and its Lions.[1]
  • Bian cites the Blue Lion as her favorite Lion, much like a "favorite son", because it was the first Lion designed, acting as the "guinea pig" to base the other Lion designs off of. It went through several frustrating iterations before its design was settled. Bian affectionately calls it "Bluey".[1]

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