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Chip from Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Chip is an android created by Pidge and Matt in "The End is The Beginning". It's appearance is an allusion to Chip from the original Defender of the Universe show, where he is Pidge's long lost brother and a pilot of Vehicle Voltron. It's name is in reference to the computer 'chip' used to power the android and give it sentience. Pidge tells Matt to wait for her to return from her trip to Altea before activating Chip, implying that Pidge was very invested in it's creation and that it's active in the show's future.


Chip is barely a meter tall and resembles a small child. The android has groomed, synthetic black hair, grey eyes, and thin mechanical limbs. It's outermost layer is a mix of metals - some undercoated in semblance of skin, some coated to give the android the impression of wearing a white and blue bodysuit. Pidge gives the android her glasses as an aesthetic touch.


  • Unlike in previous iterations of the character, Chip has no confirmed gender and is not blood-related to Pidge.
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