S2E05.242. Zarkon's ship vs Voltron

Similar to the Universal Station, Zarkon's Central Command System consists of both artificial and naturally occurring structures. Located at the heart of the Galra Empire, it serves as Zarkon's headquarters, a shipping destination for refined Quintessence, and is home to the majority of the Empire’s fleets.

So far, the system seems to contain:

  • Three planets, at least two of which are gas giants, one of which has a moon.
  • Four stellar megastructures (Niven Rings), with the outermost pair passing through said planets. One of the gas giants also appears to have an artificial ring.
  • A superstation forming the core of the system.
  • A solar barrier capable of encasing the entire system and defending it from attack.


  • For a sense of scale, the smallest gas giant in the Earth's solar system is Neptune, with a diameter of 30,599 miles, vs. Earth with a diameter of 7,918 miles (approximately 3.86 times the size).
  • While they’re not traditional Niven rings, the scale of the artificial structures in Zarkon's Central Command is still mind-boggling. Their construction would place the Galra Empire at the low end of a Type-II civilization on the Kardashev scale. The recent development of the ability to extract Quintessence wholesale from entire planets bumps them even higher.
  • If it's a Command Solar System, where's the star?


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