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Episode 7

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Bride of the Monster
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Plot Summary

Lotor and Haggar kidnap Judge Armistice in a plot to get Allura to marry Lotor. Haggar casts a spell on Lotor to make him handsome again, but only to Allura. The team launches to fight Lotor and rescue Judge Armistice, but Allura gets distracted by a light she believed to be Castle Doom, and cannot contact the team as her communications are blocked. Allura investigates the light, but discovers Judge Armistice is held hostage and she must marry Lotor for the Judge to be released, as Judge Armistice is needed in the signing of a peace treaty to prevent intergalactic war. Allura communicates with Blue Lion telepathically to send a distress signal to the rest of the team, and stalls to buy enough time for them to respond. The team arrives just in time for Allura to escape with Judge Armistice, and forms Voltron to defeat Lotor.

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