Commander Branko is an exiled military leader formerly in charge of occupying Olkarion, He was responsible for forcing the Olkari to build a massive cube-shaped super weapon which was capable of redirecting attacks. He hoped that succeeding at this would entitle him to join Zarkon's main fleet again.

Following Zarkon's death, he unleashed the Cube in an attempt to take over Olkarion but he was thwarted by Voltron.


Branko is a Galra male with purple skin, warts, and a cybernetic faceplate. He is pot-bellied with big ears and a face like a bulldog. His large chin and beady eyes give the impression of being unsophisticated.


“After the cube destroys Olkarion, hopefully Zarkon will welcome us back to the main fleet.” - Branko in "Greening the Cube"

  • Branko's hopes were probably unfounded, since Zarkon doesn't tend to give his underlings second chances. Particularly since he destroyed a number of Olkarion military installations during the occupation, wasting valuable resources.


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