The Bounty Hunter is a reptilian assasin-for-hire who pursues Voltron Coalition operative, Matt Holt, for the reward money assigned to him by the Galra Empire. He tracks Pidge, who's searching for her brother, to Matt's hideout, and attempts to capture them both. Fortunately, he is soundly defeated, but he returns in Season 8 to take his revenge.


The Bounty Hunter is a male-coded reptilian alien, much taller than any human. He has two-toed feet and four fingers per hand. He has thick green skin with horns on his shoulders, encircling his head, and set in the base of his jaw. He has a dorsal ridge spanning the bridge of his nose to back of his skull. His overhanging browbone casts his black-rimmed yellow eyes into shadow. His teeth are many and shark-like.

The Bounty Hunter is dressed for regular, violent confrontations with seedy underworld. In his first scene, he's wearing a long brown cloak, but he removes it for his fight with Pidge and Matt. Underneath, he wears a grey sleeveless shirt with a hood over skintight black pants. The shirt has a diagonal zipper and tucks underneath a grey, metallic belt. He also wears a black skirt and a second utility belt with pouches on each hip. He has grey forearm protectors and matching armour on his calves. The Bounty Hunter acessorises with black fingerless gloves and orange armbands.


The Bounty Hunter is a veteran of the assassin business. He is proficient at tracking his tragets by communicating with a variety of underworld contacts and torturing information out of not-so innocent bystanders.

In combat, he uses two electro-whips. The Bounty Hunter tends to fight in place and low to the ground, letting his whips make up the distance. When he does move, he does the 'Naruto run'; keeping his arms out and head low to minimise the distance for him to wind up before a strike. He can also wrap his whips around columns and objects fixed in place to create a tripwire: a technique that allows Pidge and Matt to electrocute him.


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