Prince Bokar of Senak introduces himself to the Voltron Force as a lonely traveler searching for a beautiful bride. In reality, he is an impostor sent by Haggar and Zarkon to kidnap Princess Allura and steal the Blue Lion.


Prince Bokar made his first impression by catching Princess Allura from a nasty fall. Lance immediately takes a disliking to him, but Bokar successfully bests Lance in a fistfight and is invited by the smitten princess to stay at the Castle for as long as he wants. That night, several cobras emerge from the vents and attack Lance while he's asleep, causing suspicion of Bokar to spread among Keith, Pidge, and Hunk. Deciding that a single day is enough time to trust a stranger with one-fifth of the most powerful weapon in the universe, Princess Allura and Coran hand Bokar the key to the Blue Lion. Immediately after, he throws snakes at the Voltron Force and kidnaps Princess Allura in the Blue Lion.

When his plan goes astray, Bokar transforms into a humanoid cobra Robeast. Ejected from the cockpit and hit with Commander Yurak's magnification ray, he gives Voltron a real battle before losing.


  • Bokar's alternate spelling of "Bocar" is an anagram of "cobra".
    • Likewise, his home realm of "Senak" is an anagram of "snake".
  • Bokar's final form is 265 feet high and weighs 3,960 short tons (7,920,000 pounds)!
    • He is also capable of speaking in a human tongue even in serpentine Robeast form.
  • He is one of the few Robeasts that can talk
  • He's one of the few Robeasts to have a human Sized form


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