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The Blue Lion is one of the components of Voltron, serving as the right leg of the giant robot. Its latest Paladin was Allura, who was chosen to take the mantle after its former pilot Lance became Paladin of the Red Lion. The Blue Lion was the first of the five lions to be found and reflected Lance's personality of a hyper and fun-loving person. The Blue Lion is also a large lion, but not as large as the Black Lion, but larger than the Red and Green Lion, and approximately the same size as the Yellow Lion. However, it remains a long-range targeting lion.


The Blue Lion uses a tail laser and the laser in its mouth to destroy targets. The tail laser is much more reliable and focused, while the laser in its mouth is wider and has much more power.

The Blue Lion can discharge ice from its laser mouth, which is used when protecting Balmera V - 95 - Vox from a falling Galra watchtower.

In the depths, it was revealed that the Blue Lion has enhanced mobility underwater and later that the Blue Lion has a sonic cannon that can be formed on it's back. Underwater, the blast of this weapon is extremely painful to aquatic lifeforms. The sonic cannon can also be used as a sonic sensor to map out areas, directing sound waves at a location and then presumably receiving them when they bounce back similarly to echolocation.

The Blue Lion's Bayard cannot be used in effect with Voltron's attacks as of yet.


  • Lance refers to the Blue Lion as "beautiful" once, an adjective most often used with females.
  • The map that Keith used to mark the whereabouts of the Blue Lion indicates that it was hidden in the Grand Canyon.
  • The original Blue Paladin was Blaytz from Nalquod.
  • While not seen in-series, the comics show that if Blue and Yellow Lion activate their bayard ports together the shoulder cannon turns blue and fires freeze rays.
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