Elderbug Blate is an alien resident of a Krell who rules over the village protected from the Abomination by the Guardian of the Krell. Every year, Blate helps the natives cook a feast for the guardian as an offering so the guardian will continue to defend the village. When the Voltron Paladins arrive seeking the Yalex for a Yalexian Pearl to pay off Coran's debt to Kythylian Mu, they mistake the guardian for the Yalex and kill it. Elderbug Blate witnesses the death and is enraged despite their apologies.

After Hunk improves the yearly feast, Elderbug Blate is calmed from the delicious taste. The Paladins soon battle the Abomination and cook it a feast, revealing it has only ever been drawn to the village because of the guardian's food. Elderbug Blate forgives the Paladins because of their inadvertent assistance in solving a problem the locals perpetuated themselves, and tells the Paladins to seek out Princess Malocoti for information on the Yalexian Pearl.


  • Elderbug Blate is a comic-exclusive character.
  • Blate is voiced by Nolan North.
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