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"Keith, I do believe your Lion is a bad influence on the other kids."

Lance, "Five Forged"

The Black Lion is the lead lion mech of the Voltron Force. It becomes the torso and head of Voltron, and was the only lion to do so until Vince unlocked the other Voltron configurations.

Keith was Black Lion's pilot until he resigned, and Daniel was granted the role. After Daniel proved he wasn't ready Keith came out of retirement.


Voltron Force (TV series)

After Sky Marshall Wade orchestrated the Voltron Lions' malfunction and got the Galaxy Alliance to lock them away on Arus, Wade secretly took the Black Lion to his secret moon base. There, he dissected and experimented on it, using his findings to create his own Lion. With the help of Manset, Keith was able to locate Wade's base to rescue the lion. [1] [2] [3]

After Wade tried to take out Allura, Larmina and Coran, the Voltron Force took the fight to Wade.[4] Wade expected this, and used a bullet made of Corite to drill through the chest of Voltron to take control. After Wade's defeat, Pidge learned that the bullet damage the Nexus hidden inside Black Lion. [5]

When Pidge and Hunk tried to access the damaged Nexus, Black became violent and took off. When the Voltron Force pursued in the other lions, Black Lion somehow induced those lions to eject their pilots. Under the advice of King Alfor's ghost, Keith showed the proper respect to Black Lion to gain its trust back. [6]

In another Nexus repair attempt, Vince attempted to link with it. Once again Black Lion resisted and fled with the rest of the Lions to Ariel. The Force pursued, and once there, discovered how to repair it. [7]

The records of an ancient Arusian ship indicated that one of Keith's ancestors may have piloted Black Lion in the past. There is a possibility that the Black Lion is the key to finding the location of the fifth planet. [8]


Lion Tail 01 Black 03282012

"Shock Tail"

From Voltron 00 Default 03242012

Voltron with "Blazing Sword"

  • Black Lion appears to have limited sentience. When the Black Lion's Nexus was damaged, it responded to Pidge and Hunk's attempts to investigate by resisting and fleeing without any pilot. Furthermore, it somehow induced the other lions to eject their pilots as well.[9]
  • Like all of the Voltron Lions, the Black Lion can fly and shoot lasers from its eyes and mouth. Also like a real lion, the Black Lion can fight with its claws and jaws.[10]
  • As Black Lion pilot, Keith's Voltcom power can give its tail weapon a "Shock Tail".[citation needed]
  • In black-center configuration, Voltron's weapon is the Blazing Sword.
  • It has better claws, teeth, and thrusters and unlimited air
  • It has a melee mode were it gets sharper claws and teeth, more strength, more speed, higher senses, and temperature control.
  • It has a regular mouth energy laser


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