This article is about the lion as it appears in the original Beast King Golion TV series. For a list of other meanings, see Black Lion (disambiguation).

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Black Lion (黒獅子 Kurojishi?) is the first lion and main body of Golion. It is piloted by Kogane Akira and once by Fala. It is the Golion counterpart of its Voltron version.



In Katsushi Murakami's original design, Black Lion had a mane

Black Lion's main pilot is Kogane Akira. It is the guardian of the sky whose main element is electricity.

It is the largest of all the lions and has wings that fully fold out when it combines into Golion.

Abilities and Armament

Black Bazooka (ブラックバズーカ Burakku bazūka?)

Black Sword (ブラックソード Burakku sōdo?)

Black Missile (ブラックミサイル Burakku misairu?)

Black Beam (ブラックビーム Burakku bīmu?)

Black Boomerang (ブラックブーメラン Burakku būmeran?)


  • In the Beast King GoLion soundtrack, a song dedicated to Black Lion called "Kurojishi Yo" is played in Goodbye, Earth
  • In Katsushi Murakami's original design for the Golion toy, Black Lion, along with Blue Lion and Yellow Lion, originally had manes until they were cut out to look younger
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