Arrow gradient left Voltron Force

Episode 26

Air date Apr 25, 2012 (USA)
Written by  ?
Directed by John Delaney
Story by Todd Garfield and Jeremy Corray
Supervising director Steven E. Gordon
Episode Transcript

Maahox sets out to destroy Earth and Voltron once and for all!

Plot Summary

Daniel, Vince, and Larmina show their secret lair to Lance and Hunk. Meanwhile, Maahox sets out to destroy the Galaxy Alliance ith his vehicle, Castle Doom Robeast. The Force flies to Earth, led by Daniel, who becomes so overconfident on proving himself, he ignores the team's advice. Voltron tries to attack the "Doom-Beast" head on, only to be trapped by its tentacles and ripped apart.

Allura goes to her father's tomb for help and King Alfor tells her since she is queen, he can no longer help her, but he has one final gift. As Keith returns to control, Pidge transforms the Castle of Lions into flight mode and travels to Earth. Back on Earth, Lance tries to take over, but Daniel won't yield and Vince tells Daniel to confess to his Haggarium sickness, but he refuses and is knocked out by a tentacle. As the Doom-Beast is about to finish him off, the flying castle attacks it. Coran takes over piloting while Keith boards the Black Lion, finding Daniel unconscious and takes over.

The force reforms Voltron, forming Blazing Sword which causes King Alfor's monument to supercharge it; his final gift. They sever some of the Doom-Beast's tentacles as it grabs Voltron's arms and legs, but they use the "lion head attack" and badly damages the robeast. The Black Lion can also use this attack, killing Maahox while Voltron finishes off Doom-Beast with a final Blazing Sword strike.

During their victory celebration on Arus, Daniel surrenders the Black Lion back to Keith who explains "The honor of the Black Lion helm is earned. Leading the Voltron Force is about teamwork; it's not about any one person". Daniel thought it was his destiny, but Keith reasures him that even though he may not be ready yet, they aren't giving up on him. They're already planning his return to the cockpit, adding some modifications to suit Daniel's style.

Later, while running in their lion forms, Daniel races ahead in the Black Lion, then turns around and heads back. Lance thinks Daniel is coming back to rejoin the pride. But Daniel, who still has Haggarium, has his eyes glowing purple and soon attacked the Voltron Force.

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