Beta Traz Warden is a warden of the prison called Beta Traz in Voltron: Legendary Defender. He owns a pet Yupper named Laika. Hermit engineering genius Slav was his prisoner, until Shiro, Pidge and Lance released him from Beta Traz.



The warden seems ruthless in his duties, delightfully torturing Slav by forcefully and painfully extracting knowledge from the brilliant scientist's mind. However, he has a soft spot for his pet yupper, Laika. He is angered that anyone would try to separate her from him, and does not dwell long on the loss of Slav because he still has Laika at his side.


The warden has a robotic pack attached to his body by shoulder straps and a belt that, when activated by the button on his belt, will inject canisters of refined Quintessence into his neck on either side. This substance greatly increases his strength and makes him grow into a massive form; an extra pair of robotic arms at each hip also activates when the warden prepares to fight. The arms normally rest over his shoulders on stand-by. In his Quintessence-infused form, even a charged punch from Shiro's arm cannot overpower the warden's boosted robotic appendages.[1] Much later on, he has found a place as the arm wrestling champion of the planet where Clear Day is held. Shiro rises the ranks as the final opposing challenger in the tournament, and the warden thanks him for changing his life. Ultimately, Shiro with his new arm wins the test of strength this time.



  • The warden does not have a confirmed name.
  • The warden's pet, Laika, is a reference to the dog Laika, one of the first animals sent to space who did not survive the ordeal.


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