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Episode 36

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Begin the Blitz (Name title)
Begin the Blitz
Air date October 13, 2017
Written by Rocco Pucillo
Directed by Eugene Lee
Episode Transcript
Begin the Blitz is the fifth episode of the fourth season of Voltron: Legendary Defender. It was released on Netflix along with the rest of the season on October 13, 2017.


Team Voltron devises a plan to continue the coalition's momentum and take control of more Galra territory. Lotor makes a big move.

Plot Summary

With the coalition against Zarkon sufficiently large, the Blade of Marmora and Shiro construct a plan to reclaim one-third of the Galra Empire by taking down the Galra-occupied planet Naxzela.

Prince Lotor leads his generals to the remains of Daibazaal, where he has secretly erected a gate around the inter-reality rift where his mother had worked. Lotor uses the last of his Quintessence to enter the field between the realities to collect the infinite supply of Quintessence therein.

The coalition begins its plan to reclaim part of the empire. Pidge and Hunk disable a communication satellite while the Blade of Marmora and a team led by Matt hijack large cannons that they use against the Galra. Coran then signals the coalition forces to attack the Galra en masse.

Once Acxa, Ezor, and Zethrid realize that Lotor's gate does not work, Acxa stuns him with the intent to return him to Zarkon in exchange for a pardon. However, Lotor manages to escape his handcuffs once he wakes, and flies away in his cruiser.

The satellite that Pidge and Hunk have disabled begins to work again, and Haggar learns of the Empire's defeat but is not particularly bothered by it.

Featured Characters


"Counting down in five ticks... four... three... two... one..."
"No pressure. Just the entire coalition rests on us disabling this Galra comm channel."
    — Pidge and Hunk

"For Narti."
    — Acxa, as she renders Lotor unconscious with her blaster




  • Lotor dislocating his shoulders to escape was Lauren Montgomery's idea.[1] Staff had trouble figuring out how he would escape cuffs that could not be picked and when they decided on dislocation, even the storyboards by Montgomery made them uncomfortable.



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