Beast King GoLion (百獣王ゴライオン?) is a 1981 album containing every vocal song released in the 1981 anime series of the same name. Differentiating it from an earlier album of the same name, this album contains every single song along with short intros to each song from the voices of the main cast.

Track list

No. Title Translation Length
1 斗え!ゴライオン
Tatakae! Golion
Fight! Golion
2 ゴライオン讃歌
Golion Sanka
Golion Anthem
3 黒獅子よ
Kurojishi yo
Oh Black Lion
4 ゴライオンフォーメーション
Golion Formation
Golion Formation
5 ゴライオン マーチ
Golion March
Golion March
6 ぼくはいちばんチビだけど
Boku wa ichiban Chibi dakedo
I may be the smallest
7 ネズミのブギウギ
Nezumi no Boogie-Woogie
Mice Boogie-Woogie
8 美しきアルテア
Utsukushiki Altea
Beautiful Altea
9 ゴライオン 数えうた
Golion Kazoeuta
Golion Counting Song
10 ゴライオン 数えうた
Gonin de hitotsu
Five of us as one


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