Bandor was one of the remaining descendants of the Altean survivors that were off planet performing trading expeditions during the destruction of planet Altea. He had an older sister named Romelle.



Bandor was descended from Alteans whom Lotor had sought out following the destruction of Altea. He was idealistic and was among those Alteans who viewed Lotor as their savior. While his sister Romelle started having doubts, especially in regards to a second colony that Lotor had supposedly started, Bandor remained faithful and loyal. When Bandor was selected for the colony, he was happy to go despite his sister's pleas for him not to. Despite his faith in Lotor, Bandor was savvy enough to build a pair of communicators in secret, as communication between the colonies was prohibited and gave her one of the communicators before he left.

Instead of another Altean colony, Bandor was taken to a nearby moon. He was then placed in a pod where he, along with hundreds of others Alteans, had his life energy slowly drained to create Lotor's concentrated Quintessence.

Some time later, a severely weakened Bandor managed to escape and sent a message to Romelle, who found him heavily injured in the wreckage of a pod he'd crashed. With his dying breath, Bandor warned his sister that the other colony was all a lie.


Bandor from what we've seen of him, is quite inquisitive and truly trusts Lotor. Bandor is also believed to be very intelligent, as we saw him build a communicator to give Romelle when he was picked to be 'chosen'.


  • Unlike his 80's incarnation, this version of Bandor is not related to Allura, nor does he seem to hold any status of royalty.


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