Balmerans are a species of reptilian humanoids that live in a symbiotic relationship within the planetary-sized Balmera. Hunk and Coran first encountered them on Balmera X-95-Vox, which had been enslaved as a crystal mining colony by the Galra.

As a race, Balmerans are incredibly strong; Shay and her brother Rax were able to move one of the Castle shuttles by themselves, while Shay was able to lift and load a battleship-class crystal single-handedly. Despite this strength, the Balmerans are a peaceful race whom have never fought, even against their Galra oppressors. They are extremely family-oriented and in most, this fellowship extends to any strangers that come to their planet.

Balmerans possess a form of extra-sensory perception that allows them to sense vibrations from their Balmera host and use them to communicate with each other across planetary distances. Exceptional individuals are even able to appeal to the Balmera itself for aid.


  • Unlike several alien species seen so far (Allura and Nyma, for example), female Balmerans do not display mammalian traits (i.e. breasts). Sexual dimorphism is still evident, however, with the males having tails long enough to touch the ground while those of females are much shorter. Females also seem to wear one or more pairs of 'earrings'.


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