"Let's Voltron!"

—Voltron Force Cadets, "Rogue Trip"

Awesometron was a robot pilot by the Voltron Force Cadets.

Voltron Force (TV series)

Voltron Force Cadets Vehicle 00 20120401

Voltron Force Cadets in their vehicles

The Voltron Force Cadets' vehicles; Daniel's cycle, Vince's tank and Larmina's walker, combine and form Awesometron. Awesometron was built by Daniel, Vince, Larmina and Hunk in the Cadets's Lair. The Cadets piloted Awesometron to Earth on a road trip, so Larmina can taste Earth's pizza and Awesometron's capabilities. On Earth Awesometron fought against a fan boy's toy robotic classic Voltron.[1]

After Daniel accidentally transferred his consciousness into Voltron, the rest of the Voltron Force track down Daniel's last transmission. Hunk helped pilot Awesometron with Vince and Larmina, but said that Awesometron was designed for the Cadets and not for him. To stop the Kala/Wade Robeast, Hunk, Pidge and Vince use Awesometron as a kamikaze weapon against them.[2] It is unknown if they rebuild a new Awesometron.


  • Awesometron can fly in the air and in space.
  • It has a weapon system; consisting mainly of lasers. [3]



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