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Attack of the Fierce Frogs is the thirty-third episode of the lion series of Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

Plot Summary

Haggar creates many Miniature-Robeasts disguised as tadpoles to invade Arus. They will thrive in water which Haggar explains to Prince Lotor is where Voltron does not fight well.

On Arus, Pdige comes across two siblings while out on patrol. They explain that they're collecting some tadpoles. Pidge helps the children get them home, where he meets their parents. Pidge learns their father is a ship captain as he leaves to go to his job. Pidge then takes some of the tadpoles for himself back to the castle.

That night, a group of mutant amphibian-like creatures attack the ship commanded by the father of the children Pidge befriended. Though they easily destroy the ones in the castle, the Voltron Force's attempt to destroy those out at sea and everywhere else on Arus proves more than difficult. Then a larger robot arrives as well, and damages Voltron. Working together, the team is able to overcome the Robeast even whilst at a disadvantage so deep underwater.

Featured Characters

Voltron Force

Other Arusians

Planet Doom


"Your crystal-ball is cracked, Haggar."
- Lotor taking a moment to mock Haggar

"We've never been this deep before!"

- Princess Allura. When the pilot of the water-themed lion is out of her depth, it's a problem. Yet how deep are they?

"I've got him a thousand fathoms deep! Now nature will put the finishing touch to him!"

- Lotor clears that up (Voltron is approximately 6,000 feet - or 1.14 miles - below the water's surface!)

Notes and Goofs

  • Planet Arus has it's own navy.
  • Twice while Voltron is fighting

  • the Robeast, Hunk calls out, "I got 'em!" However, both times it's the Red Lion (piloted by Lance), not the Yellow Lion that attacks the Robeast.
  • This is one of the episodes with a scientific lesson worked into it. When the Great Underwater Robeast pierces the armour of Voltron's left arm, Pidge notes that all compartments are flooded and that there's even water seeping into his cockpit. Keith explains, "It's outside pressure; equalize it or it will cave in!" As Pidge did so in the original GoLion episode and was cheered by Lance for it, it was easy for W.E.P. to make use of this lesson about pressurized environments.


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