Arusians are a species of alien race native to planet Arus. They are ruled by the Arusian King and their planet served as the resting place for the Castle of Lions for at most 10,000 years.


Arusians are small bipedal aliens with 1-2 ribbed, brown horns growing from their heads. From the side, these horns resemble snail shells. Arusians appear furless, tend to be beige or pale pink in color, and have thick, beaver-like tails. They have no noses, only two, small nostrils. They each have four fingers and four, dexterous toes on which they are able to move without the soles of their feet touching the ground. Arusians have striped or circular markings on their faces, arms and legs, which tend to be a colour more saturated than their flesh tone. There is very little to no apparent sexual dimorphism among the species.


Arusian culture appears to be a primitive one with little advanced technology. They have a basic political structure - Monarchy - and small organized military. Warriors have a great sense of pride and will challenge any outsider regardless of their chances of winning a fight. in that they have a king and his subjects, as well as a class of warriors, all who live in a village by "Gazrel Hill".[1] The village, located by "Grazel Hill" consists of small, stone houses with round, thatched roofs, encircling an open dirt plaza. The plaza appears to serve as a meeting place and a village market. Most of the Arusian lifestyle seems to be based in gathering food, farming, and religious worship.

Arusians believe in the "Lion Goddess" that "the ancients" spoke of. They carved images of their interpretation in the cliffs surrounding the Castle of Lions.[1] They interpretation depicts a tall, robed figure with a lion head Appearing before a group of Arusians. The figure is holding two curved stages and has light radiating out from their face. The Arusians are so fearful of the Goddess that they will burn members of their community alive in a sacrificial fire to appease her. They believe Voltron is a "mighty robotic angel" sent to destroy them.

The typical attire for an Arusian is a simple tunic or dress in earthy tones of orange, yellow, brown, and green. Some Arusians wear shorts, others a shoulder cape over their tunic or dress. They do not accessorise with shoes or jewellery. The king wears a teal robe accented with gold.

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