Arus is a planet in several incarnations of the Voltron Franchise.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe

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Arus is a planet inhabited by a humanoid species of which Princess Allura, Coran, and Nanny are a part, although other species, such as the Space Mice, are represented as part of the planet's population. Arus serves as home base for Voltron and the Voltron Force.

For some time the indigenous people of Arus worshiped Voltron.

Arusian society was rather similar to the Earthlings, and its people have had a long standing alliance with Earth. When five space explorers from the Galaxy Alliance arrived and found the planet under attack from Zarkon, they helped free it again by reactivating Voltron.

Voltron Force (TV series)

Voltron: Legendary Defender

86b. Planet Arus

An Earth-like planet the Castle of Lions resided on for at least 10,000 years, prior its rediscovery by the human Paladins. It is home to the Arusians, a race of short, bipedal creatures with a vague resemblance to salamanders/snails.

Unlike prior continuities, Arus is not the original homeworld of Allura, Coran, and their people. It is unknown if the planet was a colony, protectorate, or simply the nearest available landing place for the Castle of Lions, though the presence of a courtyard and elevated walkways seem to indicate the former.

Known inhabitants