Armored Fleet DaiRugger XV
(機甲 艦隊 ダイラガーXV)
director Kozo Morishita
studio Toei Animation
network 22x20px TV Tokyo
first episode 3 March 1982
last 23 March 1983
episodes 52

Armored Fleet DaiRugger XV (機甲 艦隊 ダイラガーXV Kikō Kantai DaiRagā Fifutīn/DaiRagā XV?) was an anime series aired in Japan from 1982. It is also referred to as "DaiRugger 15" (Based upon the roman numeral for 15), "DaiRugger XV", "Armored Armada DaiRugger XV", "Armored Squadron DaiRugger XV", or "Machine Platoon DaiRugger".

In the United States, it was heavily edited to become part of the Voltron series. [1]


DaiRugger XV is an exploration robot, as well as an intended peace-keeping force. The Earth is in a time of prosperity. The president of the Terran League launches a mission to explore beyond the galaxy. After commencing its mission of exploration, the starship Rugger-Guard is attacked by a ship of the Galveston Empire. DaiRugger, the super robot, is deployed in order to defend the Earth. It is somewhat by fate that they must help the people of Galveston find a new planet before it explodes, and liberate it from its despotic Emperor.[2][3]


There are 3 assault team units of 5 members: Land, Air, and Sea. There are a total of 15 parts referred to as "Rugger", which can combine together to form the titular DaiRugger. The design of the 15 separate Rugger units came from the sport of rugby, since 15 players are required to form a rugby union.[4] Furthermore, the name "DaiRugger" is also derived from the sport.


  • Planning
    Susumu Yoshikawa
    Yasuo Nobe
    Yu Saito
  • Original Concept
    Saburo Yatsude
  • Chief Direction
    Kozo Morishita
  • Series Composition
    Keisuke Fujikawa
  • Script
    Keisuke Fujikawa
  • Character Design
    Shigetaka Aoyama
  • Music
    Seiji Yokoyama
  • Production
    Toei Agency


DaiRugger Characters

The Air Team wore Blue and White uniforms, the Sea Team Black and Blue, and the Land Team Red and White.

Function Pilot Voice Vehicle DaiRugger Body Voltron Counterpart
Rugger #1/Air-1

Manabu Aki (安芸 マナブ Aki Manabu?)

Toshio Furukawa A.C.E. (Aerial Command Exploration) Jet head Jeff
Rugger #2/Air-2

Shinobu Kai (甲斐 シノブ Kai Shinobu?)

Ryōma Yamamoto Mobile Strato Weapons Module upper torso Rocky
Rugger #3/Air-3

Shota Kreuz (ショーター・クロイツ Shōtā Kuroitsu?)

Kōzō Shioya A.R.C. (Advanced Reconnaissance Chopper) right upper arm Wolo
Rugger #4/Air-4

Yasuo Mutsu (陸奥 ヤスオ Mutsu Yasuo?)

Satomi Majima A.R.C. (Advanced Reconnaissance Chopper) left upper arm Chip
Rugger #5/Air-5

Patty Ellington (パティ・エリントン Pati Erinton?)

Keiko Han Falcon VT Star Fighter chest plate Ginger
Rugger #6/Sea-1

Miranda Keets (ミランダ・キーツ Miranda Kītsu?)

Hideyuki Hori Mobile Aquatic Communications Module torso midriff Krik
Rugger #7/Sea-2

Haruka Kaga (加賀ハルカ Kaga Haruka?)

Harumi Iizuka Aquatic Space Explorations Prober right thigh Lisa
Rugger #8/Sea-3

Saruta Katz (サルタ・カッツ Saruta Kattsu?)

Masaharu Satō Aquatic Space Explorations Prober left thigh Tagor
Rugger #9/Sea-4

Tatsuo Izumo (出雲タツオ Izumo Tatsuo?)

Shō Hayami Multi-Wheeled Exploration Unit right lower leg Shannon
Rugger #10/Sea-5

Baros Karateya (バーロス・カラテヤ Bārosu Karateya?)

Ken Yamaguchi Multi-Wheeled Exploration Unit left lower leg Zandee
Rugger #11/Land-1

Walter Jack (ワルター・ジャック Warutā Jakku?)

Katsuji Mori Mobile Jet Radar Station hips Cliff
Rugger #12/Land-2

Moya Kirigas (モーヤ・キリガッス Mōya Kirigassu?)

Nana Yamaguchi Rotating Personnel Carrier right forearm Cinda
Rugger #13/Land-3

Mack Chakker (マック・チャッカー Makku Chakkā?)

Banjō Ginga Armored Equipment Carrier left forearm Modoc
Rugger #14/Land-4

Tasuku Izu (伊豆 タスク Izu Tasuku?)

Shingo Hiromori All-Terrain Space Exploration Cruiser right foot Marvin
Rugger #15/Land-5

Kazuto Nagato (長門 カズト Nagato Kazuto?)

Hiroshi Ōtake All-Terrain Space Exploration Cruiser left foot Hutch

Other Characters

Japanese Name Voice Voltron Counterpart

Shinji Ise (伊勢 シンジ Ise Shinji?)

Hideyuki Tanaka Hawkins
High Commander Wakasa Space Marshal Graham
Dick Asimov Kōji Yada


Doctor Search Professor Page

Socrat Teles (テレス司令?)

Kōji Totani Commander Hazar
Drake Captain Mongo
Internal Commissioner Socrat Tes Mozak
Sirk Dorma
Luciano Marshall Keezor
Commander Caponello Banjō Ginga Viceroy Throk
Emperor Corsair Emperor Zeppo

DaiRugger Specifications

DaiRugger is made up of 15 vehicle parts and is 60 meters tall.


  • Laser Sword
  • Spinning Laser Blades
  • Electromagnetic Whip
  • Electromagnetic Beam
  • Laser Blasts
  • Laser Lance
  • Electromagnetic Cross
  • DaiRugger Sword

Episode List


In the early 1980s, the original ST DaiRugger toys were released by Popy Pleasure under the toy release number of GB-72, as part of the Chogokin label, and constructed of high-quality die-cast materials. A GB-73 would follow, with a transforming DX DaiRugger, which could separate only into the three larger combined vehicles. A larger version of DaiRugger XV was also released, which did not contain die-cast materials, as the metal content was too heavy for the design and for the friction motors installed in many of the vehicles. The smallest non-transforming ST DaiRugger and the fully-transforming plastic DaiRugger XV would be resold in the US as part of the Voltron series by Matchbox, entirely under the Voltron name. However, the Popy version came with a sword, missiles, and stickers that the Matchbox version did not; the sword and missiles were omitted by default for Voltron's Matchbox line due to toy safety standards during that time.

Because DaiRugger had 15 pieces, and was a highly playable figure compared to many of the other fixed-state super robots of the early '80s, there were countless imitations and bootlegs of Dairugger. Some are cheap plastics, some do not assemble well, some have neon-glowing colors that are completely misaligned with the show. Even approved brands such as "Big Bear" were spawned to rejuvenate the toyline.[5] No version, however, is identical in quality, packaging, and comes with all the pieces like the Japanese original.

Home Video Releases

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  • Collection 1 was released on February 23.[6][7]
  • Collection 2 was released on May 25.[8]
  • Collection 3 was released on September 28.[9]


  • DaiRugger XV and GoLion are not related in any way, in contrast to the U.S. version. (The coincidental similarities in design, most notably in the face, are due to having the same mechanical designer and a significant portion of the same animation staff.)
  • The Galaxy Alliance in any form whatsoever only exists in Dairugger XV in the Japanese, since Earth in GoLion is destroyed in a thermonuclear war.[10]
  • Many of the allied and enemy force members died in Dairugger, as opposed to disappearing without any explanation in the U.S. Voltron series. The finale of Dairugger XV was different in its Voltron form — the U.S. footage had no depiction of Emperor Zeppo's true fate, which left a lot of questions for U.S. viewers (although one shot of Zeppo dead on the throne remained intact). The scene of Emperor Zeppo's death was cut out due to violence, perishing in an assassination attempt by Hazar and the Drules, who want freedom for their people. His death was similar to the bloody nature of Emperor Zanbazir's in Voltes V.
  • In the Japanese version, Telesu (Hazar) dies a martyr, and there is a sad scene where his body is left to die on Galveston at his request. He does not become the new leader of the new Drule people after all, but rather, his sister Dorma; the series ending where the Drules are finally at peace. This is highly referential to the ending in Daimos, where Erika, not Richter, becomes the new leader. The flames that engulf him are similar to Prince Heinel's redeemed death in Voltes V.
  • Aki (Jeff) and Haruka (Lisa) have a serious relationship in the show. The lucky charm that Haruka gives to Aki dies with Telesu (Hazar).
  • Dick Asimov (Captain Newley) was Shinji Ise's (Commander Hawkins) superior officer in the original series. The dialogue was rewritten in Voltron to suggest that Hawkins was Newley's superior. There were inconsistencies, however that reveal the original ranks of the two officers.

Korean version

There is a South Korean knockoff anime of DaiRugger XV called Super Titan 15 (슈퍼타이탄15).[11] It also cribs characters and vehicles from Galaxy Express 999.

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