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Antor was a young Drule Lieutenant in charge of a supply base. During a battle with the S.S. Explorer crew he ordered his men to evacuate. He, along with several of his troops were unable to evacuate the base. The S.S. Explorer decide to take him in.

Antor was befriended by the young Alliance officer Jeff. When the crew were taking a break to play a game of football, the curious Antor asked to take part in the game. The game went well until it was interpreted by a Drule attack.

Antor was suspicious that the armada had not come to rescue him. His suspicions were proven correct when he and his troops are injured during the battle.

After the battle is over, an injured Antor was discovered by Jeff and Ginger, who rushed him to the infirmary. While recovering from his injuries, Antor requested a rematch to the interrupted football game.


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