The Abomination is a massive alien creature found on the planet Krell. It's known for fighting with the Guardian of the Krell, another large alien committed to defending the vulnerable native populus. Every year, the native people of Krell cook a feast for the Guardian to ensure it will continue to protect them. Unbeknownst to them, the smell of food also attracts the Abonination. The Paladins encounter the Abomination during their search for the Yalexian Pearl. The Paladins mistake the Guardian for the Yalex - keeper of the Pearl - so they attack it. The beast dies of it's wounds, leaving the native people defenselss. The Paldins offer to battle the Abomination, but during the conflict, Hunk reaslises the creature may simply be hungry. He organises a feast, satiatig the Abomination and saving the people of Krell.


VLD The Abomination 2016

The Aboniation is a purple, four legged beast with the muscled arms of a tiger, crocodile claws, a dragon beak, and waterbuffalo horns. It has six red eyes and a shaggy purple mane. It has dozens of strong, prehensile tentacles sprouting from it's back. It's increduble regenreative abities allow it to heal fully after being sliced in half and shot with Voltron's shoulder cannon. 


  • Only one Abomination has appeared in the series. It's unknown whether more of it's kind exist. 
  • The Abomination is a character exclusive to the Voltron: Legendary Defender comic series.


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