The Abomination is a massive creature of an unknown alien species living on the planet Krell. It will often fight with the Guardian of the Krell, another large alien creature that would defend a village of the natives of Krell. Every year, the people of Krell would cook a feast for the guardian, so the guardian would continue to defend the them. They didn't not know that the food also attracted the Abomination as well.

One year, the Paladins of Voltron arrived seeking the a Yalexian Pearl to pay off one of Coran's debts. The Paladins mistook the Guardian for the Yalex and fought it. Unfortunately the guardian was killed in the battle, so the Paladins volunteered to battle the Abomination. Hunk eventually realized the creature was simply hungry and instructed the team to cook it a feast, satiating the beast and saving the people of Krell.


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