This Voltron consisted of fifteen vehicles created on Earth, that were divided into three teams of five, known respectively as the Land, Sea, and Air Teams. Each team was specialized in gathering data or fighting in their area of expertise. Each group of vehicles could combine into a super vehicle, with each combined formation differing amongst the three teams.

The Super Vehicles were:

  • The Strato Fighter (Air Team)
    • Command Jet Explorer (#1)
    • Strato Weapons Module (#2)
    • Advanced Recon Helicopter (#3)
    • Advanced Recon Helicopter (#4)
    • Falcon Jet Fighter (#5)
  • The Aqua Fighter (Sea Team)
    • Communications Module (#6)
    • Space Prober (#7)
    • Space Prober (#8)
    • Multi-Wheeled Explorer (#9)
    • Multi-Wheeled Explorer (#10)
  • The Turbo Terrain Fighter (Land Team)
    • Jet Radar Station (#11)
    • Rotating Personnel Carrier (#12)
    • Armored Equipment Carrier (#13)
    • All-Terrain Space Vehicle (#14)
    • All-Terrain Space Vehicle (#15)

When necessary, all three teams formed the mighty Voltron.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe cartoon continuity

Vehicle Force sub-series

Vehicle Voltron was originally conceived and created to function as a backup for the original Voltron. It's design was based on the plans of a human scientist, Dr. Lauring.

Devil's Due Publishing comics continuity

This Voltron was part of a crash program instituted by the Galaxy Garrison to reverse-engineer the original Voltron Lions after abducting them from Arus under orders from a spy for the Drule Empire.

It was first deployed after the original Voltron to recapture it until it's pilots received new orders to support him. It was accidentally "attacked" by the original Voltron during the robots' first battle side-by-side.


Blazing Sword

A sword that's almost exactly the same as the original Voltron's. The two hands touch each other and forms the sword. The blade is often used to slay Robeasts, usually by slicing them in half.

Wing Beam

Shoots destructive rays of energy.

Gyro Blades

Forms two discs of energy which can be thrown at an enemy.

List of Pilots

Notes and Trivia

  • Within the Devil's Due comic series, Vehicle Voltron was called "V-15".
  • Out of all the versions of Voltron, this Voltron consists of the largest amount of separate vehicles.
  • According to the episode "Meanwhile Back at Galaxy Garrison", Vehicle Voltron was original created by a scientist called Doctor Lauring after he had studied the original Voltron.
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