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Voltron: Defender of the Universe is a combining super robot that has captured the imagination of children worldwide. Debuting in 1984, the show was actually a sanitized edit of two unrelated Japanese anime series with much of the violence and Japanese cultural conventions removed.

There were two Voltron robots, one made up of five robotic lions and the other of fifteen all-terrain vehicles. The lion variation is unquestionably more popular, though the vehicle variation still maintains loyal fans.

Since the original airing, Voltron has stayed popular, spawning multiple toylines, a 1990s CGI-animated series, and a multiple comics series. Shout-outs to Voltron persist in pop culture, and a live-action motion picture is in development.

Come learn more about the robot that is "loved by good, feared by evil"!

Voltron on TV

The Eighties Classics

aka Voltron III, of the Far Universe

Five space explorers and a princess defend the Planet Arus against the ambitions of King Zarkon.

180px-Voltron in the sun
aka Voltron I, of the Near Universe

A crew of fifteen pilots defend an exploration fleet from the Drule Empire while searching for new planets to colonize.

aka Voltron II, of the Middle Universe

Planned but never produced, see what is known about what could have been.


CGI in the Nineties

The CGI sequel to the Voltron Lion Force.

The Japanese Originals

The basis for Voltron Lion Force

Five space pilots defend Planet Altea against the King Daibazaal and the Galra Empire.

Golion title
Dairugger title
The basis for Voltron Vehicle Force

A crew of fifteen pilots defend an exploration fleet from the Galveston Empire.

Three students use their robotic creations to defend the Earth from the invading Derinja aliens.

Albegas title

Voltron in Other Media


Can the Defender of the Universe escape development Hell in Hollywood?

Who's name-dropping?

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Voltron Merchandise

Toys by Toynami, Matchbox, Panosh Place, and more!


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