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• 12/12/2017

I'm new korean fan of voltron

Where can I watch all of videos? Does Netflix has them? If I cant find it because im in Korea , i'll CRUSH my country and be an astronaut to change my gps hell Korea to anywhere i can watch voltron
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• 12/12/2017
Nice to meet you! Yes, since the whole show is a Netflix Original, it ought to be on Netflix... Tho if your country doesn't have Voltron, I am sososooo sorry for you.
• 12/13/2017
thanks..i'll change my gps through vpn😶
• 12/13/2017
Hello new fan of Voltron! It's exciting to have a new fan! Voltron is great isn't it? Yes, it will be sad if you can't watch Voltron. Did you watch the 80's one? Or, i'm very puzzled. How'd you watch Voltron?
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