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Lavender Paladin
• 12/5/2017

One Holt down, one to go...

How do you think they should go about rescuing Samuel Holt? They can't just repeat what they did with Matt, cos that'd be lame. Or do you think they'll just kill him? From a writer's standpoint, that would be a plausible way to go. Cos these specific writers REALLY, REALLY like tearing out our hearts, crushing them, shredding them with cheese graters, and chucking them on the funeral pyre.
If you've seen Avatar: The Last Airbender, you must remember the Boiling Rock two-parter (and how SPECTACULAR it was). Maybe they could do something similar, but not an exact replica or it would be boring.
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Lavender Paladin
• 12/17/2017
What would be really bad is if he was turned to the dark/Galra side. Why was MATT in the same prison as SLAV? The super prison for super smart prisoners? Maybe both were there, and Samuel turned, and was assigned somewhere else. Cuz, you know, THAT would really suck.
• 12/17/2017
Oh QUIZNAK, didn't even consider that a possibility! Wow! And I've been wondering about the Matt in Beta Traz thing for a whole now... In addition to the fact that there was a BOUNTY on his head. What did he do to end up in prison an simultaneously attract the attention of the rebels? Train really hard and attempt to escape in some daring, innovative feat, ultimately failing but becoming a legend in the process? This guy needs to give us a good back story!
• 12/18/2017
Want. Season. Five.


That is all.
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