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Lavender Paladin
• 12/4/2017

Prince. Lotor's Ship Legs.

If you go and watch Voltron and look at Prince. Lotor's ship.. doesn't his ship look like legs? Maybe in the future Voltron season 5 or 6 his ship might connect to something. (lol, I couldn't find a good ship picture. I'm not even sure if it's his ship XD.)
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Lavender Paladin
• 12/5/2017
Yes, the Sincline Ships are totally gonna form some kind of Dark Voltron... Except, now that Narti's DEAD, Lotor is gonna need a new pilot... Maybe he could take advantage of Team Voltron's lenience and try to corrupt Keith, ad he's part Galra... ONLY TO TURN KUROSHIRO TO THE DARK THIRD PARTY. Just speculation.

But I hope they make the Dark Voltron route turn down a new path. This isn't the first time the franchise has done this, and it's never been truly successful. Case in point: Voltron Force 2011, Predator Robeast. It was made of 5 different creatures, one of which was an EARTH, not DRULE (the old Galra) mythological creature (the minotaur.) Oh, and it had a snake arm, which I've always hated as a concept. It just... looks so quiznaking stupid. Hopefully, since the Sincline will have actual pilots, it will make the fight a lot more interesting.

• 12/5/2017
Oh, and yeah, that's the right pic.
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