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Shut Your Quiznak.
• 2/21/2017

Your opinions on Galra!Keith.

Do you like it? How do you think it was handled? Are you disappointed that he didn't transform into a more Galra-ish form?
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Shut Your Quiznak.
• 8/16/2017
When Keith came out and told everyone he was a Galra, it sort of seemed like he came out as if he was gay,
like Hunk making those jokes and all...
Allura acting like that....

If you think about it and imagine if instead of him saying he was a Galra and said he was gay, it sort of fits together.

That's just my op tho...
• 11/5/2017
When I found out about galra keith i heaved a sigh of relief because, i didn't want everyone's blood to be purple, Also I didn't really care because I thought Voltron was stupid at first. When I saw him find out I was like, Oh! mullet is galra, cool. ( I couldn't remember the Voltron guys names, so... ) But now I wish he would've transformed. ( that would've been interesting. )
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